18 January 2006


So be careful whatcha wish for, eh? I wished for snow, and got some, although the approx half inch accumulation wasn't what I was looking for, it got real cold. I think our high today was like 22. Maybe I ought to change the name of the blog to bitchingbouttheweather.blogspot.com.

I was DEEE-LIGHTED yesterday to hear Scott McClelland or however the hell ya spell his last name on NPR saying that the administration was, "disappointed" about the supreme court ruling that said Oregon's right to die act IS constitutional. Anytime President Doofus (thanks Jimmylegs for that appellation, I think I'll keep it) is "disappointed" I can't help but be elated. Its gotta be a great thing when he doesn't like it, right? More than that, though, is the fact that the Supreme Court held up the right of Oregon voters to (drum roll please) decide about laws in their state all by themselves without the federal government. And for the justices to thumb their noses at the administration’s feeble attempt to use the Drug Enforcement Administration to harass doctors who are just trying to treat patients with terminal illnesses. Do me a favor and google palliative care sometime. Or do one better and volunteer your time at a hospice organization, and then tell me that the terminally ill don’t have the right to decide for themselves when enough is enough. Having watched a 6 year old, a 12 year old, and my surrogate grandpa all die from cancer in the very recent past, it is my ever so humble opinion that you should have the right to CHOOSE when it is your time. Isn’t that a fundamental American right? Freedom of choice? Free will?

Finally, yet another link from yours truly to NPR, but I can't help it. Heard this on the way home today, and was inspired to check out My Sister's Keeper from the story. THAT's what I'm talking about!!!! These women fit the "well behaved women rarely make history" quote like no one else I've seen in a good long while. You go, ladies. On the MSK site, there's a link to Women Waging Peace which has made my day. , although the name change of the group at the top of the page to The Initiative for Inclusive Security makes me think of a Dilbert cartoon...Happy Wednesday, y'all.

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