09 January 2006

Oh, Monday.

Gotta love Mondays. Especially cold, grey, Northeast Ohio rainy Mondays. I only have about 6 bazillion things that need doing both at work and at home, and here I am blogging. What could be better than a hot cup of tea and a warm computer monitor on such a miserable day?

I am excited to have received a note from NARAL about my blog. I didn't think anyone out there was reading, and here, someone at Pro-Choice America is. That's cool! Then I saw this old white guy with a button on his coat that said "Abortion stops a beating heart." Can someone please tell me why it is that the people that I run into who are most adamantly anti-choice are almost always men? Guys, you can't have a child. You don't get a choice. And you certainly shouldn't have the right to make mine for me. When I was in college I had a bumper sticker that said "Against Abortion? Don't have one." Wish I still had it, but in the current political climate, I'd likely be lynched. Sigh.

I’ve been trying to do some research on the Postal Service to find out if it is indeed illegal for them to make a profit, but haven’t found any information to support that just yet. I did find some interesting postal history, so if you're a complete geek like I am about history, check it out over at USPS.gov Did you know that Ben Franklin was one of the first postmaster generals? I didn't either. And do you know why they started using ZIP codes? You will if you read that.

Finally? In looking for weird and wacky stories, happened upon News of the Weird, which entertained me greatly. Cheers!

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CJ said...

Great to see you writing this again! I've been spectacularly lame on mine lately--I think it may have something to do with the cold, grey, NE Ohio weather you mention.

Caught some of the Alito hearings on NPR today. I was yet again amazed to hear a bunch of priviledged white men speaking as though they were the best folks to make such decisions. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and make their arguments, of course, but this got me to thinking...

Shouldn't this be the ONE desicion where the men, in a rare display of deference for those who have historically held the power (considering women didn't get to vote on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or anything else for several hundred years), to just step aside and say, "You know what? We're just going to let you handle this one. You only get to vote on this if you're a woman. I may not like the decision you come to, but then I'll never be in the position to have to make the choice either."

I'll have to jot you an e-mail. This is getting long!