16 January 2006


So if I still worked for that big ol' bank that I used to work for, I'd be off today. My mum still works for them and was rubbing it in that she's off...one of my sisters works in academia and the other one's still in school, so everyone but me is off today. Booo. I would definitely prefer to be doing what I am now to having MLK day and Columbus day and all the other silly little bank holidays off, but the downside is that I'm on call 24/7.

Anyway, hubby and I visited the NAIAS this weekend and had a blast. Detroit’s a pretty cool city, it turns out. Last year we stayed outside of the downtown area, but this year we stayed right across the street from the COBO center and had a nice dinner in Greektown...yum. Fishbones, baby.

If I wasn't so technologically challenged, I would take the pictures that I took on my cel phone of the concept cars and post them on the blog, but that takes more talent that what I've got. I brilliantly forgot my camera, which would have made the whole thing lots easier. Yes, I do manage some HTML here on the site, but moving pictures from my phone (that I am barely able to work at all!) to the hard drive of the computer is way too complex. Anyway. The funniest one was from Toyota, which looks to me like a little beaver. A check of Toyota's website shows it is called the Yaris. Here's a pic (bottom of the page.) Yaris Little eyes, nose, and one big buck tooth is what the front of the car looks like. Everyone I've shown the picture to agrees. And just what the heck kinda name is Yaris? Sounds like an old lady. You know, Violet and Carol and Yaris had tea yesterday. hehe.

A lot of the concept cars had these new cool seats, a lot like the Herman Miller chair for offices. And the new Pontiac Solstice!! Check it out here. The Solstice might be my next car if it weren't for the fact that Toyota's coming out with the Camry Hybrid, which I really really liked and I've wanted a hybrid since I worked for the bank and drove over 500 miles a week. Specs for the Camry are here

Ahh, cars. Such fun. Now on to more of the usual fare. I was ranting just last week about men and the abortion debate by saying, "Guys, you can't have a child. You don't get a choice." I've since had an occasion to reconsider; what do ya do when you want to have an abortion and your significant other does not want you to? Or when you want to have the child, and your S.O. wants you not to? I just don't know. In the end, I think each individual woman has to be the sole decision maker, and then the significant other, whether man or woman, has to just live with the decision. But that can really suck hard core. Any thoughts?

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