13 January 2006

Friday, finally, my lovlies

Thank. God. I mean that, I really do. There WAS a full moon this week in the northern hemisphere, and that whole full moon = lunacy thing is sooo true. Some of the things that happen when there's a full moon...well, since I can't get tooo specific about my job here lest they fire me, let's just say that I do notice when the moon is full.

On to the next thing. DH and I are heading to Detriot this weekend. I know, I know, not the vaca capital of the world, but the North American Auto Show, which you can check out here, is open to the public this weekend and we went last year and had a blast, so we're going again. I do just love the NAIAS tagline, "Drive your senses wild." Isn't that cute; they incorporated a silly pun into their advertising slogan.

Finally, check out what Nina Totenberg had to say about the Alito hearings. I agree with her 1000%. NPR

I'll check y'all on Monday.

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