06 September 2007

Add that to the list

of things I don't understand.

The Air Force lost track of a handful of nukes for a brief while. Please explain to me how in the hell we don't have the best technology in the world being used to track our nuclear weapons?

Here's a quote from the online version of Military Times:

“I just can’t imagine how all of this happened,” said Philip Coyle, a senior adviser on nuclear weapons at the Center for Defense Information. “The procedures are so rigid; this is the last thing that’s supposed to happen.”

Well, bright boy, seems to me that if you don't know, how could anyone else?

It will come as no surprise that I'm anti-nuke; I could hardly wear the liberal badge if I was pro, could I?

I'm not going to get into my views on the military today, either, since I get so tired of defending myself when people want to tell me that I'm anti-American because I don't support the war.


And people wonder why I get lost in fandom for days at a time; at least in that world I'm not going to die of radiation poisoning from a nuke that got astray from the military.


Dawna said...

Speaking of fandoms... have you taken a look at the competition TheCrew have posted up?

Yowza! I don't think I've ever wanted to learn so much nonsense of the Acklesverse.

Lucy Arin said...

no, haven't seen it. Will have to check it out. I know a ridiculous amount of trivia.....