02 September 2007

Wonder where that comes from.

My sister is visiting from New York City this weekend. She brought a friend, former roommate, and incidentally the woman who inspired me to be a blogger with her. On Saturday, as my sister and her friend prepared to take out the watercraft on the lake where the parents live, my dad was giving them a quick lesson on watercraft operation and safety. The friend had never been on one before. They're a pretty short learning curve, and the girls were off a quick few minutes later.

After they left, my father cleaned up the paraphenailia they'd left behind; long sleeve t-shirts, shoes, a bag with sunscreen in it, and stacked it neatly in a box that is bolted to the dock for that purpose alone.

The rest of us piled into the boat, and as we left the docks, I fussily re-arranged towels, drinks, sunscreen and other things brought on board. Dad teased me about being OCD. Gee, wonder where I get that from?

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