19 September 2007

Blades of idiocy, not glory.

Once upon a time, I went rollerblading all the time. With my bad-boy trainer R, with my sisters, with friends, even all alone. I used to enjoy it, but with both sisters being far away, the skates have been forgotten in recent years.

DH and I cleaned our garage as part of that whole attic-cleaning madness, and the skates were rediscovered in a box in the garage, which is where they've been since we moved to this house at the end of 2004.

When I woke up today, I hurt too much from a combination of running and Pilate's, so I decided that since today was a rare beautiful day, I'd go out blading instead of running. Which, in hindsight, might have been mistake #1.

I pulled the skates from their box and tried them on. Yes, they still fit, and yes, I had no trouble skating around the library floor, which is currently cement. We ripped out the carpeting and are going to install laminate flooring this weekend. Anyway. No trouble getting around on them.

There are several park trails within walking distance of my home, but I decided that crossing a major road on skates for the first time in 3 years wasn't a bright idea, so instead I hopped in the car and drove to another trail that is closed to vehicular traffic and is paved.

Once the skates were on, and I got into the parking lot successfully from the car, I had no trouble navigating on them. Soon, I had a good rhythm down, with the wheels of the skates going "whirrrr, whirrr" underneath me, the sun shining through in dappled patches on the trail, and the wind in my super-short hair. Lovely. I did about a half mile without a thought.

When I would go out skating with the bad-boy trainer, years and years ago, we would always call out to people we were about to pass, so that we didn't startle them as we flew by, saying things like "Coming up on your right!" or "Passing on your left!" and I still do that, because I don't want to scare the bejebus out of anyone.

I passed a woman and her dog on the left, then careened around her to pass a pair of women on the right, calling out to each of them. As I passed the pair of women, one of them turned to look at me and brushed her arm against mine. Completely unintentionally, I assure you. She didn't reach out to me, just turned in time to see me whiz by. I was startled enough to take my attention off of the skates for one second...and I was down on the ground instantly.

I landed hard on the heel of my left hand and on my left hip, a jarring shock. I was breathless for a second while the woman apologized and agonized over causing my fall. "No worries," I told her, "I haven't been up on these for three years, and I expected to fall at least once. I'm OK." I declined their offer of assistance and managed to get to my feet without falling again. (Amazingly.)

I continued the trail, and managed about 3-1/2 miles, and enjoyed all but about the last half mile. Once back at my car, with the skates off, I realized how sore I was. I've spent most of the rest of the day trying to not put much weight on my left hip as I sit down. I'm going to have a fantastic bruise.


Dawna said...

Oh those are so awesome. I haven't been on my blades since '97. *sighs* I bought them, wore them about a dozen or so times, put them away for the next summer, but got pregnant that winter.

My feet grew. >_< I couldn't even imagine putting them on, a complete size smaller than my feet are now so I sold them this summer for a whopping $15 when I payed roughly $200 for them.

3 years isn't so bad. It is like riding a bicycle. I haven't been on blades or wheels in, at least, 10 years but have spent nearly every year prior on 'em.

Maybe I should take a count of how many teeth I have...

The wind through the hair is the most amazing part of the experience.

Lucy Arin said...

It was fun, but I don't think I'll be on them again this week. Weather permitting, I'll do it again, but ya oughta see my scrapes and bruise. >_< indeed.

I think I paid about the same for mine, in probably 1995 or so. They're not great for street skating, which is stupid, because around here,that's all I'm going to do is street skating.

Hilariously, the first person to ever show me a pair of blades was a Canadian; he had the coolest pair...you could slide the wheels off and ice skate blades on. The moral of that story is that all cool things come from Canada! :D
I can't imagine what those cost him.