07 September 2007

When I'm forced to admit my sisters are right, yet again.

I love saying "I told you so." Just love it when I'm right and you're wrong and I'm vindicated. Love it. It must be genetic, because I know that both sisters enjoy doing that as well.

All three of us have eclectic tastes in music. Everything from opera to trip-hop is in my music library. My sisters and I have a few intersecting interests; Dave Matthews Band, U2, O.A.R., the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But we've each developed interests of our own. From time to time, we will each try to get the other two to fall in love with a band that we've discovered.

Case in point? Babysis has been telling me about a musician named Xavier Rudd for about a year. I ignored her, not because she's ever steered me wrong in the past, but because I just didn't bother to go check him out.

Babysis's computer has been here at my house, so I've helped myself to stuff in her iTunes library that I've wanted for a while, from Jay-Z to some Dave Matthews Band stuff that she had and I didn't.

*Warning, geek content to follow!!*

I used an 8 gig thumb drive of DH's to transfer the music files from her computer to mine, and it couldn't have been easier or quicker. I now have far more music on the computer than will fit on my iPod, which will require a reformatting of how the iPod syncs to the computer. I haven't gotten around to that yet. ITunes will do this all by itself, but if it does, IT chooses what will be synced to the iPod, and yes, I'm a control freak and *I* want to choose what goes on the iPod.

*End geek transmission!*

She had 4 of Xavier Rudd's albums on her iTunes, and I decided that I'd copy it all. I'm really glad that I did. He's a one-man band, and I imagine seeing him live is quite the thrill. He plays a steel guitar, sings, plays the didgeridoo, an array of other instruments as well. He's kind of like Jack Johnson, kind of like Ben Harper, kind of like Dave Matthews Band, and yet different from them all as well. I'm loving it.

The first time anything of his came up in random shuffle, as DH and I were both doing computer stuff, he looked up and said, "What the HELL is that?" and I looked at iTunes and informed him it was stuff I'd copied from Babysis's machine while he's fixing it up to send back to Cali for her. "Weird." he remarked. And it is, a bit. This isn't really like anything you've ever heard before. But good. Good!

Right yet again, kiddo! One week's free gloating is yours!

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