10 February 2008

I can never remember

Is it "Feed a cold, starve a fever" or "Feed a fever, starve a cold"?

Either way, karma's kinda biting me in the ass. There's a miserable creeping crud going around; almost everyone I know, from DH to my yoga teacher has had it. I've been sort of smug about the fact that I haven't caught it; serves me right, I suppose.

I haven't been this under the weather in a long, long, long time. The pain from the sinus pressure is bad, and DH says I look like a drug addict, my eyes are all buggy from the decongestants.

Can someone please explain to me why it is that the congestion seems to travel from one side of your head to the other? Why can I breathe through the right side of my nose and not the left, and then a few hours later, I can breathe through the left and not the right? Why does my face swell, and why do even my teeth hurt? Actually, I know the answer to the last two; sometimes facial swelling is a by-product of the clogged sinus passages, and the toothache-y feeling is due to the pressure from the same.

The wheezing I could do without, too.


MotherMe said...

Hey- at least you're not On Vacation With A Cold, as I am. Talk about your bleah! Yesterday, it was only the left side that was stuffy. Today, it's the right only. Urgh, this stinks!

Here's a cup of honey lemon tea to you. Hope we're all feeling better soon...


Lucy Arin said...

At least in FloREEda you can sit in the sun....I've been wrapped up in bed trying to keep warm.

My Swedish Mama's remedy for a head cold is as follows
1 shot whiskey
1 shot honey
1 shot lemon juice
stirred into
1 cup hot, strong, black tea
and drunk quickly.

I think it tastes awful, but after two or three of them, you no longer care that you don't feel good!