26 February 2008

It is Tuesday, and...

What? No, I haven't written a Tuesday post in a while. Stuck, y'see, for a topic that doesn't include a)my depression b)fandom c)side effects of my meds or d)general other whining, about work, (which is getting less and less fun as time goes on) the weather, (which yes, still sucks) or the thousand other things that irk me each day. Funny dumb blonde things haven't been happening to me so much lately, so even poking sly fun at myself is kind of out.

Except for this one.

I got asked out on a date last week.

Allow me to note for the un-initiated that I'm married, have been for nearly 8 years, and DH and I have been together for---Jeebus---14 or 15 years now. In that time, not only have I not dated anyone else, I've never considered it, either. I may be one of the least religious people that I know, but that whole wedding vow thingy? Till death do us part and all that? It means something to me.

The reason this is funny (well, to ME, anyway) is that I didn't realize I was being asked out on a date, and then had a V-8 moment (a dopeslap to the head) when it did dawn on me that I was being asked out. It went something like this.

Man: Wow, you're looking great these days. We should have a drink to celebrate, I could tell my friends I'm dating a supermodel.

Me, completely clueless: I'd love to have drinks with you and your wife. You should call me and we'll go.

Man: I wasn't suggesting that we bring our spouses.

Me: ...

Man: Y'know, like a date?

And that was the point at which I realized I was being asked out on a date, and that the entire conversation we'd had up until that point, about 10 minutes of banter, was him being flirtatious. *headdesk*

I'm kinda clueless, yo.

Me: ... H'mmm, (chuckle) y'know, I don't think DH would be so keen on that idea.

It could have been very awkward, but instead we both laughed it off and I still think it is funny. Mostly because I don't know when I'm being flirted with.

I'm ignoring the fact that he's that willing to toss overboard his own vows, because it isn't my problem. Thankfully. I've got enough other crap to deal with. But that's really kind of sad, isn't it?

In other news, because the job situation has become less ideal, I have been sending out resumes like mad. Nearly as many as when I was unemployed, which is also sad. I had to go buy more resume paper, because I ran out. I've gotten a couple of thanks-but-no-thanks letters back, but on Saturday when I checked our postbox, I got a letter telling me that a search committee is reviewing my resume and reference materials and that I should take the next step in the process, which involved filling out a diversity survey. Hopeful, because I really, really, really want that job. Great money, and doing something that I'm very good at. But because a search committee is involved, this is going to take for-fucking-ever.

Patience, like being flirted with, isn't something I'm particularly good with. Guess I'll need a distraction in the meantime. Hey! I can knit WHILE watching that TV show I like, what's it called again? With the two cute brothers? Right.


Dawna said...

O_O He is a little excessively open about not being monogamous. Wow.

Lucy Arin said...

yeah, and the more I think about it, the less funny and more sad I think it is. At least that part. I'm still pretty amused at the part where I'm so clueless.