29 February 2008


That's the sum total of what fits me in my closet right now: nothing.

(Don't hate me for bitching about this, it truly is a pain in the ass.)

A few months ago, a good friend who is a fashonista took some time to go shopping with me, finding clothes in a new size that fit, since all of my clothing was too big. I didn't want to buy a closet full of new clothes in that size, because, as I knew then, I wasn't done losing weight, and I don't need to do another purge of hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, or spend hundreds of dollars to have things altered when those things became too large. Either way, altering or buying new, kind of a money-losing proposition. Having things altered is ex-spen-sive! Annoyingly so. I spent nearly $200 on alterations last time around, and some of it still didn't fit the way I thought it ought to. Yeah, I should have taken it back and made them fix it, but basically I don't like face-to-face confrontation, so I let it go. {Editor's note: "You're a wuss!"}

I've lost about another 6 pounds since that shopping expedition, and now I'm between sizes. Everything purchased on that trip last fall is too big. Skirts and dresses that actually DO fit aren't suitable for winter wear---have I mentioned lately that it is fucking freezing outside?--and so I can't wear those things either. The next smaller size stuff is a bit tight. Not so much that it can't be zipped, just enough so that you don't want to wear it for an 8-10 hour workday, because it is uncomfortable after 4 hours or so. And then there's a jacket and tank top that in my mind I should be able to wear now that are still much too small to put on. Grrr.

What's a broke girl to do? The only thing I can think of: head to the thrift stores. I've had excellent luck in the past at some of them, but we're talking hours and hours of searching racks, and then washing or dry-cleaning the hell out of it when you get it home, because thrift stores all smell the same, and I don't want other people's dead skin cells in my clothes.

OK, now that I've completely grossed myself out, time to go shopping!


MotherMe said...

I totally adore thrift-store shopping! Good luck in your adventure...

Dawna said...

Ah! Gotta love that thrift store smell... *gags*