27 February 2008

Pins and

needles, of course. Picture me shrugging a bit sheepishly as you read the following.

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14 Sets 7" Bamboo Knitting Needles US1-15 Double Point
14 sets double-point bamboo knitting needles
Sale price:$9.99
Shipping & Handling:
Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service $7.50
needle guy
Seller Information:

Chatsworth, CA 91311 United States

After ranting about the acquisition of "stuff" quite a bit lately, I'm a weee bit embarrassed at my recent e-baying.

But I need those needles. Imagine them, if you have a Y chromosome, as tools. Hat and sock-making is impossible without them. Knitting this winter is keeping me sane. And this is a great price; I paid $7.99 for ONE SET of dp needles at a local craft store. And....and....and....I'm all out of self-righteous justification.

I admit defeat over the war of acquisition of stuff.

I've forbidden myself to buy any more yarn until what I own is all used up. But that has not stopped me from looking at Colinette yarns and other wonderful (read that expensive) yummy looking yarns on eBay and Herrschner's, and Dreamweaver.


I'm sure I'll be admitting defeat on that one soon too, there's just too much that I want to acquire.

Oh! I thought of another justification! I rarely keep what I knit for myself, so I'm buying gifts when I'm buying yarn. That's totally OK, isn't it?


Dawna said...

Bahahaaa!! You crack me up!

Lucy Arin said...

Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week.