25 April 2008


The weather here in my little corner of the world is finally getting nice. Finally, there is a bit of sun to be seen, and you can go outside without a jacket. There are people! Walking outside! Without scarves! Without snow boots!

But apparently, those winter coats were covering up something that I do NOT need to see.

Young men, ages 15-25 (or thereabouts) are wandering the streets doing something that mystifies me, and I'm chalking that mystification up to the fact that I'm older than 25. This spans all races, all levels of the socio-economic scale.

What IS it already?

Boys, clutching a handful of trousers, be they shorts, jeans, dress pants or those horrible man-pris, at a level just above their crotches. Dude, seriously? It looks like you're holding your pants up, as if they're far too large for you. That's carrying the baggy pants thing just a weeeeee bit too far, y'know?

Or if it supposed to be an indication that your trousers are totally incapable of completely covering your manly bits, then I have to say: Honey, you ain't foolin' me. Or anyone else, for that matter.

I say: "Ick."

Buy a pair of pants that fits, will you? Please?

And if it makes me guilty of ageism, well..........................so be it, then.

Because it looks ridiculous.


John said...

Right on Lucy! Apparently the "just say no to crack" line now applies to more than just plumbers. The continuing coarsening of our society is sometimes hard on the eyes. Perhaps when people full of good common sense (like you and me of course) start speaking up there will be a difference made.

It's outrageous that city governments are having to contemplate ordinances on public dress codes!

Let me stop there before I work my self up on this one.



Lucy Arin said...

Hm, John, I wasn't thinking of decency standards at all. More like the silly factor; the stupid things we do to be in style. I'm not exempt; I admit to owning a pair of envelope jeans. (once upon a time, but no longer) This was more of a 'how silly could it get' kind of rant.

It is essentially a first amendment right. You are free to express yourself through your preferred style of dress. "Pubic dress codes"? They've got those for women in Iran and Afghanistan. Thanks, but I don't want them here.

(Typical, I'm playing devil's advocate to your point of view....)