04 April 2008

Does this EVER work?

I know I'm a crank when it comes to grammar. I know. But wow, am I amazed at the entirety of an e-mail I received from a recruiter. Please, can I call them and point out what they're doing wrong? Please?

The e-mail's subject is: Interested in your resume.

There is no body. There is a signature line, and a telephone number. There is an attachment, which is copied and pasted here, no alterations made by me, I swear. (other than changing the name to protect the guilty, and obscuring the name of the town where the office is located.)

I have reviewed the resume you placed on Career Builders and would like to discuss a position with our company. We are currently interviewing for career-oriented professionals. If you are interested in learning the details of this career opportunity, call our office to arrange an appointment and interview. Our office is located in n and the phone number is 555-555-5555.

Susie Clueless

General Manager

Large Multinational Insurance Conglomerate

First of all, the web site where my resume is located? Is Career Builder, NOT Career Builders. FYI.

Next, this isn't a letter. Nor does it qualify as a note. Sending a letter of interest to a potential job candidate should interest the candidate in the job, provide some basic information about the job (which, yes, this does, but only in the most vague possible manner) and perhaps most importantly, not show the candidate that you're a raving moron without any knowledge of letter-writing.

Finally, you can tag your resume on career builder, to let potential employers know what you're looking for. I have in my comments a few things that are rather direct, but hopefully avoids wasting my time and the potential employer's. It says (not in so many words) that I have no desire to EVER return to the financial services industry, which includes, but is not limited to, insurance firms, banks, stockbrokers. It says that I'm not interested in and will not attend cattle-call style interviews. It further goes on to say that I loved the non-profit industry, and that I am most interested in returning to that field.

Is any of that unclear? Because I've gotten calls from 2 brokerage firms and e-mails from several insurance companies. Helloooooooo? Not! Interested!! I want OUT of sales, not to move to another sales job under a slightly different moniker.

Am I the only one who can read the directions? Really? 'Cause I'm starting to think so.

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