29 April 2008

Bloody 'ell

I had a fantastic idea for a Tuesday post. I was surfing teh inter-web, at bunches of different sites, from blogs I check to a few random click-through ads. (Something I seldom do.)

As happens frequently, I was distracted by something. Look! Over there! Shiny! Um. Where was I? Oh yes, distraction.

I didn't write down my idea. Nor did I open a Firefox tab to have a Blogger post page open. Nor did I open any one of at least 3 word-processing programs on the computer and type myself a reminder. And the result of this lack of brilliance? Heck if I can remember what I wanted to write about.

When you hear that shout at 3 AM, that'll be me, waking up and remembering what I wanted to say. I'll write it down on the pad of paper I keep at my bedside, with a trusty pen that lives on my nightstand. Unfortunately, whatever I write down when wakened from a sound sleep is gibberish, so you, dear reader, will never get to read my amazing brilliance.

Why, yes, I *will* be buying some Ginko at my next health-food store run. What? That won't help? Are you sure? Look! Shiny!

Now, what was I doing?

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