02 April 2008


It has come to my attention recently that more and more people that I really and truly do know in the world outside the computer read this blog.

I'm a little startled by that. I suppose that I shouldn't be, because I do talk about the blog in day-to-day conversations, but only with a trusted few. I don't pass out the URL, and I think that I can count on one hand the number of people that know who Lucy really is. OK, maybe two.

There are some folks out there in the real world that I wouldn't want to read the blog, no matter how proud I am of my writing ability and how amused I am at the daily hit counter...on average, about 50 people a day visit this blog, and while 80% of those are people searching for Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's quote (hint: that's the blog's title) a few of those 80% stick around, read some, and then even come back from time to time.

Yes, if you spend more than 5 seconds on this page, my IP tracker "catches" you and I can see where you are, or at least where the IP tracker thinks you are. Not always the same thing, not always 100% accurate, but it does at least show me a few rudimentary statistics.

I write what's true, what's in my heart and my head, things that I don't always feel that I can say out loud, or that I don't do so well in saying out loud. When you have the time to put thoughts and feelings into the written word, I at least, find that I can better express myself.

Teh interweb gives us this false sense of security, that we're anonymous behind the computer screen as we sit at our keyboards and surf. When I'm doing stream-of-consciousness writing, like in the Tuesday posts, I never stop to think about my audience, about who exactly, might read what I've got to say. I imagine the posts disappearing into cyberspace, and not that people that I know well will be sitting in front of their computers and reading them.

If I wanted true anonymity, though, I'd keep a diary instead of a blog.

And I'm glad to know too, that the posts don't just disappear out into the world. Hi Everyone!

I declare this de-lurking day. If you read, but don't comment, or don't comment often, leave a note to say hi. Comments are always welcome. ^_^


Dawna said...

Dur, hi.


I'll use this opportunity to note that I am the "Nikitaku" link in the "Blogs I Read" section of Lucy-poo's never ending listography. Just to, you know, plug and stuff... 'cause I'm cool... and I comment... and um... I have loads of readers too but a lot of people just lurk in the shadows.

Ya know, sometimes I get cranky about the lack of comments, but a lot of people often don't know what to say about a lot of blogs' topics and whatnot in fear of sounding like idiots.

Me? Not afraid of sounding stupid at all. Idiocy adds to my brilliant and scintillating charm. *coughs*

Lucy Arin said...

You are brilliant and scintillating and beautiful and really cool...and....and....bonus, I met you in fandom!


Helllllllooooo in the great North!

Comments Frequently - And Knows The REAL Lucy said...

Nyah, nyah, nyah.

Anonymous said...

i usually comment IRL.

Lucy Arin said...

guys, the whole point was to identify yourselves, say hello and y'know what....never mind.

You both cracked me up as I went through my day. Thanks for that!

Abby said...

if i leave a comment, someone might know that i'm playing around on the internet instead of knee deep in taxes....

Lucy Arin said...

Quick, everybody hide Abby! When her boss comes looking for her, no one has seen her, right? Right!

Monica said...

Ok, I will "de-lurk."

I love that you say so many of the things that I think but don't say!
As I am closeted liberal married to a man I describe as "somewhere to the right of a fascist," (is my punctuation right?)reading your blog affirms me.

Emily said...

Howdy! I'm a first year medical school student. Your blog's title is a bumper sticker on the back of my car. I read your blog because you are smart, funny, genuine, and honest. It'd be great if we could meet in person, but since that's a creepy thing to say on the internet, we can just pretend that I never mentioned it and go about business as usual. :-P

In case you hadn't read between the lines, there, I don't already know you in real life. I am a purely online-type friend/well-wisher.

Erin said...

Oh HIIIIIIIII! I read your blog every day! Or at least when I have access to a computer!

Lucy Arin said...

Opposites attract! My DH is also a conservative. We simply agree to disagree about politics! Thanks for commenting!

LOL, I'd love to meet lots and lots of the bloggers I read, so I don't think saying you'd like to meet me is all that odd. :-) I'm glad you de-lurked, and you never know. We might meet someday. Cheers!

Hi Erin!