12 November 2008

Can We Fix It?

I don't have children, so don't ask me why or how I know the theme song from the children's show Bob The Builder, but the song asks, "can we fix it?"  and then answers itself at top volume with a "YES WE CAN!" and is very cute in the way that annoying children's shows can be.

I made some muffins from scratch, and they didn't turn out quite the way I would have liked.  Not quite sweet enough; didn't rise as high as I wanted them to; stuck to the muffin tins because I was out of paper liners (horrors!!); and perhaps in general too....busy, I guess...flavor-wise.  But not un-fixable, not at all.

When I was in Girl Scouts, many years ago, we made a cranberry-orange quick-bread that everyone who tasted, loved.  I have no idea where the recipe is, but were I to guess, I would guess that it is with my mother's stack of hand-written recipes, in her closed-up-for-the-winter Ohio house.  Not impossible to lay my hands on, but we all know how much I like to bake and play in the kitchen, so of course I decided I don't need a recipe.  Recipe-schmecipe.  The half-hour drive to the parent's Ohio house is a deterrent, too, with gas at the current price.  If I'm not out that way to begin with....well, I'm not running out there just to fetch a recipe.

Fresh cranberries are here, and while I hate, despise, and detest that icky cranberry glop that comes out of cans and shows up on many American Thanksgiving tables, I like fresh cranberries and enjoy making things with them.  So I gave in to temptation at a farmer's market yesterday and bought some.

I used lemon zest and golden raisins too, and when I get that recipe to where it ought to be, I'll share.  In the meantime, I've got to make another batch.  Darn.

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