08 November 2008

Perfect Twin

There's a colloquialism that says, "Everyone has a twin," meaning that somewhere on this planet, you apparently have a doppelganger wandering around.  Perhaps not the evil twin of every soap opera ever produced, but still, someone, somewhere, who looks like you.

When my hair was longer, I often got told that I looked like Susan Day, of The Partridge Family, or later, of LA Law.  I don't see it, myself, and since I cut all of my hair off, I don't get that anymore.  She's much more....polished?...than I am.

Walking to work from the hinterlands where I park the other day, I saw someone who looked familiar.  As I got closer, I ran through the possibilities in my head; don't you hate it when you run in to someone that you know you know from somewhere, but can't for the life of you remember their name?  So as he approaches, I'm frantically trying to remember....was he the loan guy from the corner office at Ye Olde Evile Bank?  Was he on the fire department with DH?  Was he the parent of one of my school-mates?  

Two seconds before I opened my mouth and made an ass of myself, I realized: he looked like George Lucas.


Keetha said...

Ha Ha Ha! George Lucas. That's great. I wonder if he hears that all the time.

Lucy Arin said...

I dunno, but he totally had me thinking I knew him...