22 November 2008

I'm outraged.

No, really!

People magazine's Sexiest Man issue is out and Jared, Jensen, and Jeffrey were all left out!  Not that they didn't pick a cutie, they did.  Hugh Jackman is very nice eye candy.  But not even a little mention of the Brothers Winchester.  How on EARTH could they leave out these two?

(Just in case you've never been exposed to my Supernatural fascination....Jensen Ackles is in the foreground, and Jared Padalecki is in the background.  Take a moment, it is OK.  Admire the pretty.  Then there's the car, too....1967 black Chevy Impala w/a 454 cubic inch engine.....breathe, breathe.)

Not a mention of Big Daddy Winchester, either.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn't really my style, but still, he's easy on the eyes.

It entertains me to no end that for all that women are objectified in this world, one of the largest gossip rags in the country puts out a "Sexiest Man" issue, rather than a "Sexiest Woman".  And then they proceed to drool all over male celebs, objectifying them within an inch of their lives. The accompanying articles always revolve around one central theme: Is he single, and who is his 'ideal' mate?  If that's not objectification, lordee, I don't know what is.


Schadenfreude's a Bitch said...

Wait, wait. What's the problem here again? :)

Lucy Arin said...

No problem. Just amused observation!