19 November 2008

Crazy 8s

A meme of sorts.

Eight things I like about the winter:
1. With a blanket of new snow, the whole world looks a little cleaner.
2. I am more grateful in the winter that I have a roof over my head and a functioning furnace.
3. I get to wear the pretty scarves I've knitted.
4. Skiing!
5. Dressing in layers.
6. I get the urge to bake gingerbread as soon as the temperature drops.
7. Things outside tend to be quieter; no birds waking me up hours before sunrise, no crickets chirping long into the night.
8. Boots!  I love my high-heeled boots!

Eight things I despise about the winter:
1.  It is frigging bloody freezing.
2. Snowplows piling up mountains of snow along sidewalks.
3. The people who clear snow from my development do a crappy job, and every year I am afraid they are going to kill plants that they pile tons of snow on top of.
4. My skin gets so incredibly dry.
5. Chapped lips.
6. Cold toes.
7. Hazardous roads.  Not because they're snow-covered and slippery (although they are) but because people manage to forget how to drive in the snow in the time period between April and November.
8. Limited daylight/grey skies.

Since tagging people with memes is obnoxious, I'm not insisting that specific people do the crazy 8s.  But should you be inclined, knock yourself out!

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