22 June 2007

Busy little bee

I have not been updating as frequently this week because I'm still out of the loop on the news cycle. I'll get back to ranting and raving about the Idiot Administration, really, I will. Just not today.

I'm not able to write at all about what's going on in my personal life either, but I will be able to do that soon as well. Hopefully.

I did scribble some fangirl idiocy this week over at MySpace, but that's hardly news, is it?

For now, know that all is well, I'm feeling mentally better than I have in ages and ages, in fact I managed to sleep last night for almost 10 hours. Not uninterrupted 10 hours, but I'm beginning to think that I will never get an uninterrupted night's sleep. C'est la vie.

I should be back for the Tuesday Brain Dump next week. Until then, Glad Midsommar!! (Happy Midsummer!)

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