06 June 2007

Scooter's been sentenced t'JAIL!

Scooter Libby has been sentenced to 30 months in jail for being the biggest blabbermouth in history. Also perhaps the most forgetful person in history, his testimony recorded in depositions that were played at his trial were rife with "I don't recall(s)" and "I don't remember(s)."

I have said before that I firmly believe that President Idiot will pardon Scooter either as one of his last official acts as president in 2009 or more likely that he will issue a pardon before Scooter even serves one day in jail.

I think he should go to jail. I think he should serve every single day of his sentence. I don't think he ought to get any special treatment because he is famous (or infamous, as the case may be). He had no right to leak the name of a CIA agent, but he did it anyway. Then, when he was caught out, he worked hard to obstruct the investigation into his wrongdoing.

I feel for the agent that he outed. Here she was, pursuing her chosen career, by all accounts she was good at it and liked it, and the Idiot Administration fucks it up for her. Thank Yew Dubya! Way to go!

However, I also think that the Veep should have been charged with something, (don't ask me what, I'm not a legal expert) because I'd be willing to bet Paris Hilton's inheritance that Scooter didn't come up with the brilliant plan to out Ms. Plame all by his lonesome little self, I'm sure that plan came from on high.

There are 593 days left in the Bush presidency. I found a countdown clock!


Dawna said...

Thanks for the link! I've often had that theory too... the more you write, the more likely you'll end up spewing something that does not suck. Which is nice and all, but these days it is hard to write. 8 pages into a piece of fanfiction and I'm kinda, I dunno, stuck. Can't seem to find the words although I know what I want to say. *sighs*

Lucy Arin said...

You're welcome, thought you'd like that. Care to give it a shot?

Tell me about the stuck thing...150 pages into my novel aaaaaannnd.....
haven't written anything more for about two weeks. *raspberries*

I just may have to break my "no fanfic" rule to read yours when you're ready to share.