16 June 2007

Yep, I'm related to these people.

Having my sisters here is fairly bittersweet. Because while I treasure the time that we're spending together, it goes by so fast and will be over so quickly. I started writing this post very early on Saturday morning since everyone's still asleep. Only good thing I've ever discovered about insomnia. Hee.

My sisters and I are close. When they live in town, we do things like grocery shop together, we have dinner with one another weekly, sometimes more than weekly, we do "stuff" together. When they're not living in Oh-hi-ia, two of my closest friends are gone. Sniff. I miss them more than I can even put into words.

When they're here, I spend so much time laughing that my abs hurt. We giggle constantly when we're together. Explainations are not needed, the shared experience of our childhoods condensed into a shorthand that would be confusing to anyone who tried to keep up with the thread of conversation. We were sitting around the fire a few nights ago, and our mother was telling stories about her office, and a person at her office who is a huggy sort, kinda touchy-feely. In chorus, both sisters and I said, "Oh, I hate that. Don't TOUCH me!" And then we cracked up. Yeah, we're so related.

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