27 June 2007

Plate-Spinning, Head-Spinning

As my beloved job winds down, I'm left feeling as if I'm one of those plate jugglers that you sometimes see on variety shows, keeping 5 or 6 breakable plates in the air. What have I forgotten? Who have I not called? The speed with which this happened has my head spinning.

I have my moments, when this is heartbreaking and I'm in tears. But mostly, I'm impossibly happy, nearly euphoric, with the future stretched out in front of me, limitless in its possibilities. Should I be so happy? I no longer care if I should or shouldn't. I am. My shrink says that I'm in the process of "re-framing" whatever the hell that means. She also says that she's very glad to see me in that process, so it is apparently progress.


MotherMe said...

I, too, am very happy to see you beginning this process. Whatever the heck you call it, it's definitely a Good Thing. Hooray!


The Aunt said...

Tagged you over at Sandwiches.