19 June 2007

Random Postcard Sketches, without the pics

Middlesis went back to NYC Monday. Rather, I should say she initially attempted to return to the city. Her flight left around 8 pm, and she supposed that she'd be back in the Big Bad and at home by 11. Instead, she was bumped from the flight and spent a night at the airport, returning to NYC early on Tuesday. "Letting" either sister go is so hard. When we're actually saying goodbye, I have to focus on details other than the fact that they're leaving. Like her red slingback heels, with a peep toe, that I covet and have had numerous opportunities to steal, but haven't managed to make off with yet.

Before she left, we spent a good bunch of time running around town in the Jeep, taking care of about 100 things that the three of us had made lists about. We're so related.

I carried my digital and film cameras around all day, but took only two pictures. I'm not sure why I don't take more pictures. It isn't like I forgot that the backpack camera case was on my shoulder. With temperatures hovering around 90 on Monday, and the air so thick and close you could perhaps chew it, if you had a mind to, I noticed the darn thing on my back. But I didn't take many snapshots of the three of us goofing around.

Since I wouldn't share pictures of my actual self anyway, instead I thought I'd try to sketch out some scenes from the day with words and see how it goes. Its funny, when I picture these scenes in my head, I can hear the click of an old-style real-film camera when I think of the image. So you must imagine that as well.

Four of us, both sisters, my mum and myself, sitting in a row of black leather chairs waiting for pedicures, all reading trashy celebrity gossip mags, foot crossed over the knee, leaned back. Almost mirrors for one another with our postures. We can't be mirrors for one another's looks, mum has red hair, Babysis has raven black, Middlesis has a dark brunette, I'm blonde. One of us does not dye her hair. The rest do.

Lunch, with Middlesis and an old friend of hers, who also happens to be my very talented hairdresser, on the patio of a restaurant in what is laughingly called "downtown." I watched her tell stories to him of life in the big city, about her job and her daily navigation of the city, and I marveled that the little girl who kept a small stuffed bunny rabbit tucked in her back jeans pocket (she called the bunny "pocket pal") has turned in to this elegant and sophisticated woman in front of me. When, exactly, did this happen?

Riding back to the parents place in the Jeep with the doors off, watching the lines painted on the highway from where the door would normally be. I watched the white edge lines, thinking that they looked three dimensional, like thick white rope or fire hoses, as if I could lean out of the Jeep and pick it up. Speeding along at 65 miles an hour, the wind rushing through the Jeep, thundering, but certainly not cooling us down.

Both sisters share my deep love of music, and both have as varied and diverse tastes as I do. We listened to Modest Mouse as we were running errands, "Float On" came on about 3 times.

Lounging on the big sectional in the basement, where it is much cooler, with both sisters, each of us covered with a big blanket, catching up on episodes of Entourage, which all three of us like for different reasons. Middlesis thinks Jeremy Priven is cute. Babysis thinks Adrien Griener is gorgeous. No disagreement from me on either. I like the entertainment industry backstory component, and I think Kevin Connolly is cute. I like the character of "E."

I may not have as much in common with my adult sisters as I'd like to, being that we've all chosen such diverse careers, but it amuses me a great deal that we all like a television show that's much, much sillier than my SN addiction.

Back to reality, work, and normal life tomorrow, when Babysis leaves early in the morning, bound for LA. I miss them both already.


MotherMe said...


we both wrote sentimental posts today.

sniff. sniff.


Dawna said...

yup, I'm jealous.

Lucy Arin said...

Hormones, or something in the air?

Aww, don't be! I leave out the parts where they're both being obnoxious brats, if that helps....