04 June 2007


Did you have chicken pox as a kid? I did, at 18 months old. A very mild case. When my sisters got it when I was in high school, I moved in to a friend's house to avoid being exposed to it again. I'd been informed, you see, that since I had it so young, and such a mild case of it, I was susceptible to a second bout of it.

I discovered that I have been exposed to it inadvertently very recently, a pretty virulent strain of it. The reason I'm so worried about it? I can't leave stuff like that alone. My cuticles are always torn up because I rip at them when I'm stressed, which helllooo, is all the damn time.

GAH! I do not have time for this right now! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't end up coming down with it.

You know that as soon as I heard about being exposed to it, every single inch of my skin started to itch, don't you? AAARRRRGGGHHH!


Dawna said...

Oh that could really REALLY suck. Just watch out for the fever... it is your first real sign.

Lucy Arin said...

Urgh. No fever yet, but other viral symptoms like aching joints and exhaustion.....

Not that I'm paranoid or anything. No.