30 August 2007

And I pay attention to this stuff.

Without a sense of humor, I doubt that I'd be able to survive. Even when the joke's on me, as long as there's some laughter, that's a good thing. I was doing some surfing, and I'm amused at myself yet again.

When I'm stumped for a blog post, or if I haven't seen/heard any news on a particular day, I'll head to my personalized version of Google, which pulls various wire stories that I've told it I want to see. Among the links to NPR and the New York Times, the BBC and CNN, are two gadgets with celebrity news. As if I don't get enough from the nearly-daily gander I take at sites like Perez and the Superficial.

Looking at Google yesterday, I was surprised to see a quote from Ashton Kutcher, who asserts that men are 'merely accessories.' This reversal of the roles from the stereotypical ornamental female is rare, so of course I clicked the link. I discovered, thanks to People.com, that Kutcher has written an essay which appears in this month's Harpar's Bazaar.

He rates the importance of men as somewhere less than shoes and somewhat more than handbags. Now this is the guy who brought us MTV's Punk'd, so I can't help but wonder if he's having a laugh with this piece. Without having read it in its entirety, I couldn't be sure.

As I sat and wondered about this, I realized how absurd it is that we all pay attention to this kind of stuff. I've often defended myself from critics of my celebrity news-watching with this; MY life seems a lot less fucked up, frankly, when I read about the antics of Brit-Brit, La Lohan, and Paris. After all, *I* haven't shaved my head or flashed anyone lately. Not to mention the fact that I've never been arrested, ever, for anything.

This celebrity news-watching is a completely separate thing from my fangirl silliness, because you don't see J & J in the tabloids, now, do ya? Nope. I wish that more pictures of them were published (of course) and that the mainstream media paid more attention to the show, but mostly I think that if they want their private lives to stay private, then they're pretty smart to stay out of the gossip rags. Besides, I freely admit how completely ridiculous my fangirly-ness is.

Anyway, I read Kutcher's essay and it is howlingly funny. Intentional or not, it doesn't much matter. Who'da thunk it, he's a good writer. Anytime I laugh out loud at the screen more than once whilst reading something, the writer is managing to hold my attention and is doing a good job, in my ever-so-humble.


Dawna said...

Yep, he is a week and a half younger than me, born at the exact same time. Astrologically speaking, we're very very VERY alike. Kutcher also looks exactly like my buddy who is only a week younger than Ash; he is almost like a male version of me, which is frightening beyond all belief.

I'd like to meet the guy!

Get this, Ackles is two weeks younger than my buddy.


Lucy Arin said...

That's interesting...so that means that Ackles & Kutcher are the same sign? Huh. Fascinating similarities between the two. (I'll let ya guess what I think they've got in common.;)

Dawna said...

No, Ackles and Kutcher aren't the same sign. Ackles is Pisces, Kutcher, like myself and my buddy Kevin, are Aquarius. There is just a lot of astrological similarities between the four of us. *shrugs* The planets were very slow moving over the month of February (33 days between Ackles and I) and in retrograde (basically moving backwards to Earth) so not a whole hell of a lot has moved for all 4 of us.

We're quite alike on many levels. It is hard to explain, but your post brought back a lot of my brainstorming I did over it. I even had a classmate two days older than me, born at the same time, but only her moon was in a different sign. It was pretty interesting- we couldn't stand each other, but didn't exactly hate each other either. I am in a similar situation with Kevin (he is my hubby's best friend, go fig). We can't talk to each other one on one, but when we're with my hubby... oOoOoOooh he's a poor, poor man indeed. LOL