26 August 2007

New Hardware

There's a new computer in the Arin household. Finally. In the entire time that DH and I have been together, we have used old computers, cobbled together from bits and pieces of computers that he's fixed. We've never had a brand-spanking-new one.

It runs on Windows Vista, which I am not sold on. There are a few things about Vista that I really don't like. A sidebar that you can't delete. Weird noises, which is why I have the speakers muted. Way, way, waaaaayy too many icons in the taskbar. It isn't a problem, just highly distracting. But the fact that you can't change the clock's format to 24 hour time, that really annoys me.

I went through and deleted a bunch of junk that came pre-installed on the computer, like 316 megs of arcade games. The graphics processor isn't really designed for gaming, so I'm confused about why it came with so many games pre-installed, but then when it comes to being a geek, I'm really minor-league.


It is fast, and it will burn CDs and DVDs and is compatible with iTunes, so finally I've got everything on 1 and only 1 computer. Thank heavens.

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