10 August 2007

Thinking music

Over the last few days I've been obsessively listening to Maroon 5's "Songs about Jane" which I purchased on iTunes several months ago. There isn't a bad song on that album.

That got me to thinking about other albums that I liked the whole thing, where there isn't a bad song in the bunch. There just aren't that many; Los Lonely Boys 2004 self-titled album was another one. Dave Matthews Band's Everyday, Incubus's Light Grenades...just a few I can call to mind quickly. Considering that I own probably somewhere on the order of 300 CDs, that's kind of a sad state of affairs, isn't it?

I discovered the other day that I have purchased more than 100 songs from iTunes since January, when I got the iPod. Perhaps I have a music addiction in addition to my internet addiction. Ach, there's no perhaps about it. I am addicted to music. Even before the iPod, I had music surrounding me all the time. The iPod has only exacerbated the "problem." I have it on all the time, often even when I'm running errands.

But I could stop anytime, really. Riiight.

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