13 August 2007

Mysteriet Mig

A Mystery To Me

Why does the scale say the same number as it has for nearly two months, but my wedding ring is so loose that I now have to remove it before I shower or swim or wash my hands because as soon as my hands get wet, it slips off? I think that I weighed about 15 pounds less when I got married than I do right now. It wasn't this loose on my wedding day.

How can just two people accumulate 5 loads of laundry in 2 days? Both grown-ups, I could easily see how two kids could accumulate that much, but DH and I? I don't get it.

Why can I ignore a plethora of unhealthy eating options and eat what is good for me until there's chocolate in the offering?

Where the hell is the summer going? Already it is the middle of August. WTF, people?

How do spiders get into my library? The doors are closed, and I know the little bastards aren't hitching ride on me, I'd freak the heck out. So where do they come from?

Good questions, all. Too bad I have no answers.

Two other quick unrelated things:

1. I think my writer's block has eased. I know it is probably tempting Fate to say anything, but I managed to write a page or so last night. Yay!

2. Bumper Sticker Wisdom; saw a bumper sticker over the weekend that said...."trust Snape"
Bwahahahahaha! Love it.


Dawna said...

With kids... 3 loads a day, roughly. I'm glad we aren't billed for the water used.

Lucy Arin said...

see, that makes sense to me. Add a few people, clothes multiply. With kids, sure, there ought to be a lot of laundry. But the two of us? It is a mystery.