15 August 2007

I have an owie.

Several of them, really. This is what happens when you push yourself too far, too fast in the gym. My DAILY workout routine goes something like this:

35-45 minutes of cardio, lately a mix of elliptical and treadmill time, as I am trying to run without pain.

4 weight machines, 4 days a week. I work major muscle groups one at a time, so each day that I lift is either legs, shoulders/back, and biceps/triceps.

300 sit-ups. Every day is abs day.

20 minutes of stretching, which includes running through the entire sequence of Sun Salutation A (yoga poses) twice.

I do this six days a week. Add to it Pilates classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Core Yoga on Thursday mornings and Intermediate Yoga early on Saturday mornings.

I'm not going to whine at all about how the weight loss has slowed, even while I've ramped things up, adding the Core Yoga class only recently and increasing the weights on every machine that I use, as well as increasing my lean protein intake. Nope. Not going to whine at all.

Yesterday was a legs day. I'm trying hard to develop all the muscles in my legs so that the shin splints leave me the hell alone and I can run like I want to. I spent 25 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the treadmill plus a 5 minute cool-down, ran on the treadmill for about 7 of those minutes and then moved on to the adductor and abductor machines. The other two machines I wanted to use, the Glute/Ham machine and one that I don't know the name of and call "that swingy thing" were both occupied, so I went off to do sit-ups and when I came back, they were STILL being used by other people so I did 45 squats with a weight bar instead. All told, I was at the gym about two hours.

Later in the day, I returned for Pilates, and the instructor had us use the Pilates ring, a torture device of medieval proportions. And what did we use the ring to work? Our legs. I left the gym knowing that I'd had a good workout, but not hurting. I knew that would be later.

Sure enough, getting out of bed this morning was a slow process. My legs hurt. Especially those adductors. My abs hurt. My lower back aches a bit. Ow.

I've also had trouble getting out of bed this week because the depression is relapsing a bit. I'm still faithfully taking the meds every day, and yes, it is much, much better, but I have days that aren't so good, where I want to be in tears at the slightest provocation. Stupid things, like my reading glasses are missing. Or I broke a glass in the kitchen, an 'everyday' glass, not something special, and I was nearly hysterical over it. W.T.F. is that? (Seriously, dude.)

Yesterday I got up, got dressed for the gym and then sat on the couch for nearly two hours watching something on Sci-Fi. Because I just couldn't get moving. Today, after getting out of bed the first time and hurting so much, I went back to bed and pulled the covers up and slept for another two hours, deciding that this week, Wednesday will be my 'off' day from the gym instead of Sunday, because I hurt and I think all I'd be able to do at the gym is a slow walk on the treadmill. If I can't go all out, why bother?

The silver lining, perhaps, is that I'm able to write more and work on the book when I'm in such a state. I'm very worried that I need to be semi-unbalanced in order to write. Before I was getting treatment for the depression, I was writing prolifically, the novel was speeding along. When I got better, then I wasn't as interested in writing. Which depressed me. What a cycle.

Thank goodness I've got an appointment today to get my hair trimmed. The short style I'm wearing requires frequent upkeep. Who doesn't feel better after getting their hair done and being fussed over a little bit?

P.S. Fangirl nonsense about Supernatural Origins #4 will post later today over on MySpace.


Dawna said...

*sighs* I just can't get myself to go to the gym any more. It makes me too hungry. The thought of gaining more weight frightens me more than being a little out of shape!

Lucy Arin said...

Being diabetic frightens me more than anything else. Before I started this whole regime, I was headed for Type 2. So I'm motivated by fear, I guess. That, and I refuse to be this weight when I take my little road trip next year. ;-)

And there was/is no 'little out of shape' for me; I used to not be able to do stairs without being winded. Asthma attacks were a daily thing. I'm amazed at how far I've come, and yet how far I still have to go. At least another 30 pounds. More than the number on the scale, though, I want to run a 5 K, I want to have a toned and defined, nicely sculpted body. If I can't be mentally healthy, then I'll settle for a good physique. {g}

Dawna said...

Good enough ^_^.

And 300 situps?! Woah! I haven't been able to do that since highschool. I used to do 1000 every night before bed. Now I'm lucky if I can pass 100.

Ah yes, you certainly want a good physique for your road trip next year. Wink wink nudge nudge

Dawna said...

RYC: even though you didn't make it- it gives me the giggles that you thought of me ^_^.