15 December 2009

And one for me

So today's mitzvah isn't one I've given; it is one I've got.

I have some geeky friends (and you know who you are!) and we all enjoy a few BBC programs. DH was exposed to Top Gear last winter, and was as entertained as I've ever seen him by the episode where they try driving across an African desert...

But sadly, our cable system doesn't offer BBC America on its basic tier. I know everyone bitches about their cable system, and I'm not really all that different. Expensive, pain in the rear, "necessity". It could be worse, I know. The cable system at my parent's summertime Ohio res is abysmal, and I'm glad it isn't the cable system I deal with.

As an aside; when the bloody hell (to use a proper Brit expression) are the cable companies going to get a clue and offer ala carte cable? Why on earth can you not simply select the channels you want, leave the rest? I'd never have any of the shopping channels, I'd ax a ton of stuff that I never watch; why have 455 channels when you only watch a fraction of them? National Geographic, Discovery, TLC, the Food channel, all of the music channels (naturally), History, History International, BBC, what I consider "the good stuff". What you consider "the good stuff" could be a polar opposite, but wouldn't it be nice just to pick what you would watch?

Anyway, after listening to me kvetch about having to either Netflix or beg someone who does have BBC to be able to watch Top Gear, (among other fun stuff, like, oh, DR. WHO) DH paid a visit to the cable offices and changed our subscriptions. We now have BBC, along with a whole host of other new HD channels. Too cool.

Now, if I could just figure out how to work that remote....

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