06 December 2009

Like a good neighbor...

...and now you'll have that jingle running through your head. Sorry.

DH and I do a lot of things for our neighbors. DH is the mechanical mind of the neighborhood, and thus he gets called upon to fix all sorts of things. Lately, it is our neighbor's garage door opener. She needs to replace it, but doesn't want to. So he keeps fixing it, without complaint, without exasperation. He's nice that way.

We also share our interweb signal with two neighbors, free of charge. That was his idea; personally, I think there ought to be a small charge - we pay for it, after all - but his logic, which I agree with, is that if they paid for it, he'd be called upon to fix connections endlessly. This way, if it doesn't work, he can just tell them that they either deal with it themselves or find another way to get online. But that does save them some money, and is something we're happy to do.

One of the things we like about the neighborhood is that it is quiet. Our street is private, and we like the privacy. For all that we're called upon to fix, help, advise, we don't see our neighbors very often. The houses are laid out in such a manner that if we're sitting on our porch, we can't see the neighbor's porch. Intelligent design. OTOH, this means that often we don't see them for weeks at a time, which can be worrisome. So we check on them. That is today's mitzvah - caring for those around us.

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