08 December 2009


Recently, my local paper ran an article about gift books (aka coffee table books) for the car enthusiast. One caught my attention that my dad might like.

Of course, I threw the paper away without writing down trivial little details like the name of the author or the book's title. Genius!!

I went to the paper's website and ran searches on "car" "book" "Corvette" and every combination of those words, getting increasingly frustrated at results that weren't what I was looking for. So I called the newspaper's administrative offices, and some patient soul searched through the paper of the day in question. Eventually, she found it, to my delight. The Corvette Factories.

A few days later, I got a very similar call (but I am not going to tell you the who, the what or the why, because I was @ work. Deal.). The person on my call apologized for "wasting" my time profusely, until I told her the story above with the local paper. "Ah!" she said, "one good turn deserves another!" And so it does. So it does.

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