22 December 2009

On not quite getting there...horseshoes & hand grenades.

A-yup. I didn't quite succeed with NaBloPoMo this time around. Dropped the ball 'round about December 17th (6-ish days ago) and didn't pick it back up.

Let's see if I can stretch my memory back that far for the mitzvahs as they happened.

Dec 17; had a hair appointment - gave my hairdresser and my friend who does my nails solid lotions.

Dec 18th; ummm....took the day off. Went shopping. Gave various and sundry merchants money. Does that count? Not exactly. This was a special shopping expedition, not someplace I usually go, but it was a planned one.

Dec 19th; cleaned my house, did laundry. Oooo, here's one; baked cookies for Joe the magic massotherapist, my hairdresser & manicurist friend.

Dec 20th; baked cookies with my niece & nephew. This counts because I know that what I'm giving them by doing this every year is fond memories and good times. (Plus the occasional bellyache...I let them eat as much cookie dough as they want to!)

Dec 21; staff holiday party. Gave the big boss a bottle of Cherry Heering, a delightful and Danish liqueur.

Dec 22; holiday party for a professional networking group I belong to. Something I am not looking forward to, quite honestly. While the group as a whole is not enjoyable, there are members of the group I like quite well, and I'll end up buying a round of drinks.

So indeed, I've managed to mostly keep up the spirit of the mitzvah even whilst not managing to write about it daily. I do like this idea quite a lot, that one ought to give something to someone every day.

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