28 December 2009

Closer creeping

December 23....can't remember giving anyone anything.

December 24 (which, incidentally, is my birthday) I gave solid lotions to my relatives on my mom's side of the family. Gave a BIG hug to one of my favorite cousins, who I had not seen in more than a year.

December 25 gave presents to my MIL and FIL. As much as I would like to rant about various things that happened on 12/25, I'm giving you all the gift of not ranting. (Or at least not much. Not today.)

December 26 gave one unlucky soul a copy of The Catholic's Guide to Marriage at a Yankee Swap; much amusement was shared.

December 27 I met up with an old, old friend and bought her a coffee...but more valuable was the time we spent together.

December 28...as noted above, I am gifting teh interweb publics by not ranting and raving about people being more than an hour late to a dinner which they had set the time for and then not apologizing for being late and complaining that the food was not at an optimum temperature ....breathe.....breathe....

I am also finally giving my niece & nephew their Christmas presents, an event much delayed due to further idiocy that I won't be telling y'all stories about any time soon.....

Stay tuned for more entertainment and holiday cheer!

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