04 December 2009


My mitzvah of the day is a present to a co-worker who is moving on, a going-away present. I floundered and procrastinated on this, unable to make up my mind what to get until I'd managed to fritter away so much time that all of a sudden, her last day was speeding up to me, and I didn't have a present for her.

Odd, isn't it, that we'd consider it 'bad form' to NOT give a going-away present. Hmmm. Must remember to look in to this.

So the day is staring me in the face, and all the things I'd been pondering - oh, a nice pen would be fun, but is she as much of a nice pen junkie as me? Maybe matching pen and business card case? Yeah, cool, but where am I going to get one of those 'round here? I'm out of time for shipping. Something for her kitchen? I don't think she likes to cook/bake. Something for her house? Framed print, perhaps? I have no idea what the decor there is like - is she into colonial, contemporary? No clue. Knit something, cute scarf, fun dishcloth? Um, again, out of time.

I put the question to the girls on Rav. They gave me some good suggestions, and a few that made me giggle. One of the giggle-worthy which is that I teach Madame Leaving Colleague how to knit...yeah, but NO TIME. Plus although she's had nice things to say about things I've made that she's seen, I don't get the vibe that she's keen on the knitting.

I found myself in a gift shop the night before with 20 minutes to FIND SOMETHING. You know the type; fun stuff, cute stationery, some fun decor items, very overpriced, girly stuff. In the end, I decided on a business card holder that reflects a little of her personal style; I know she's a big Beatles fan, and she's very girly....the card holder has a peace sign laid out in sparklies. I also added some jewelry from Anna Banana's, wrote a nice bit of prose on the card, and put it all in a gift bag. (The gift drawer has a few Anna Banana pieces, very cute. Note to self, need to replenish soon.)

I took her to lunch and gave her the gift, and she was surprised, and delighted. I love being able to give someone the squee-worthy gift.

I get it, NaBloPoMo, I do. Mitzvah-ing gives you a great feeling. Thanks for that.

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