16 March 2007

Dammit. And Fcuk.

I was supposed to travel to New York City today to visit my sister. My flight was canceled. So I called my sister and she suggested Amtrack. Which I checked, and sure enough, a train was leaving from Pittsburgh in about an hour, so I got in the car, drove most of the way to Pittsburgh before I figured out that I wasn't going to make it. A flurry of phone calls, and I found out that there was another stop nearby, and chances were good that I could make it to that stop, so I drove there.

And I missed the goddam train by about 20 seconds.

So more phone calls, to the airline, to DH, to thesister, and there was a flight later that I might be able to get. I made the decision to stay in the Pittsburgh area and have lunch with a friend. The airline had suggested that I call after noon. Dutifully, I did so, and no, I can't have a seat on the seat on the later flight. Why? All New York City regional airports are closed due to a massive snowstorm working its way up the east coast.

No trip to NYC for Lucy. Dammit.


MotherMe said...

Boo!! :(

Lucy Arin said...

yuh. And hiss.

I have no control over the weather, but still. Bummer, dude.