01 March 2007

More on Scooter Libby OR dipping my toe into the dirty waters of blogging about sex.

The jury is still out on Scooter Libby's perjury trial, but I was checking the news wires and found a few things. One, and this is of particular interest to me because I'm writing a book myself, Scooter published a book in 1996 called The Apprentice. Here's a link to Amazon's page about the book. Please check that out, and then come back to me. I'll wait.

(Hums a bit of Metallica)

All right? You back? Good.

Scooter? Is one seriously fucked-up sick puppy, y'all. I'm not going to write about my own perversions, I'll leave delicious things like that to Girl With a One-Track Mind, or Belle du Jour. But I will say that I'm pretty open minded about all things sexual. For the most part, I think you ought to do whatever works for you. I draw the line, however, at necrophilia and bestiality. The old bbs boards had some abbreviations that entertained me...YKINMK (your kink is not my kink) YKINOK (your kink is not OK) and those both apply in spades here. Not only does he write about bestiality and necrophilia, but bestiality WITH necrophilia, child pornography and child prostitution. Yuck? And how on earth did this get published?

I'd like to say something scathing about neo-conservatives and their hang-ups about sex, but the joke seems to be just out of reach for me. Also too much of an obvious answer. Insert your own here, please.

There's another story in the Wilmington Star about The Idiot Administration and Scooter that I'd like to direct your attention to. This is exceedingly well-written stuff.

Finally, my punk ideals are offended yet again. Earlier this year I complained about a credit card commercial using a very bad redone version of a Soup Dragons song. Today I saw a Wendy's commercial using a Violent Femmes song, Blister in the Sun. Watching Keith Olberman on MSN and he used a Nine Inch Nails song. I'm so annoyed by this. Mostly? Because it makes me feel old. I now understand how my parents felt when Nike started using the Beatles Revolution to sell sneakers. Sigh.

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