09 March 2007

Scooter Libby Verdict

Yes, I know that the verdict was handed down earlier this week, but I've been busy writing about my obsession and International Women's Day, so this had to wait for a day when I am not being a really ridiculous fangirl. And since that is EVERY DAMN DAY, y'all....well, I think I can put it aside long enough to snark about the Idiot Administration. Right after I tell you that I resolved to stay off the forums for three whole days to see if I could do it, and....no. Couldn't. Oh, wait! I lied. I was off of the CW forum for 4 days, but only managed to stay off of JRAU for about 2. I was on the CW boards last night until one in the morning. Oy. Moving on....

No sooner was Scooter declared GUILTY of obstruction of justice than the media machine began cranking out rumours of a Presidential Pardon. While that would NOT be the dumbest thing that President Dumb Ass has done to date, (umm, going to war in Iraq gets my vote for the most idiotic thing that man has done) it would be the latest in a string of really stupid decisions. His presidency will be remembered in history as the most flawed American administration ever. Ever. The stonewalling of the media, the steadfast refusal to release information to the public, the tendency to steamroll over anyone who disagrees, the victory lap on the aircraft carrier....I digress. But it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if there is a presidential pardon.

I caught a snippet of an interview with one of the jurors on NPR or the Beeb, and he said it best, saying essentially that Scooter was the fall guy. Where is Karl Rove in all this? Why wasn't the Veep charged? Because you know that he ordered the outing of Valerie Plame as sure as you know that the sun rises in the east. Conspiracy theorist? Me? Well, yes.

Poor, poor Scooter. While I was searching for a link to the info about the guilty verdict, I found a website collecting donations for his defense fund. I'm not linking that simply because I refuse to lend credence to such idiots, their description blurb said "Because we know he's innocent." Yikes.

Let's start the pool now that he's not going to get any jail time at all. Anyone with me?


MotherMe said...

Doubtful on the jail time. I'm with ya there.

As for your little fangirl thing, I have to tell you that his eyeballs bother me. One of the photos you linked looks like he's wearing those crazy black-out lenses Willow used to always wear on Buffy when she went Uber-Witchy. Now, she looked hot with blacked-out pupils. Your dream boy? Doesn't do much for him, IMO. ~mm

Lucy Arin said...

I think it really funny that SN also uses the beetle-black eyes to indicate evil...and I am not sure which pic you mean, but they haven't shown JRA's character as evil (yet). His eyes are green.

And I know. BELIEVE me, I know. I'm a nut.