07 March 2007

Delurk, c'mon, you know ya wanna

In the sidebar, I have a little note that tells you that IP tracking is ON and I SEE YOU!, but I've never really written about it before. I added that tracker to the blog more than six months ago out of genuine curiosity; who READS this garbage that I write?

And most of the time, people find the blog when they're searching for the quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, usually on Google. Every now and then someone will check out the site from a comment I've left on another blog. I know who my regular readers are, for the most part. All of the stats are interesting to my geek nature.

But yesterday, my angsty rant about Jensen Ackles really brought people out in droves. I had what I think is the highest count yet for a single day, for me. And no so much from people searching HIM on Google, either, which considering the number of websites devoted soley to him (I've read estimates of somewhere around 20,000, if you're keeping track, but Google gets over a half million hits when you type 'Jensen Ackles') isn't really surprising.

What surprises me most, I suppose, is that when I'm doing what I intended to do when I started the blog, which was write about women's rights and liberal politics, I get very little feedback, which makes me feel like I'm standing on a soapbox on a busy street corner, screaming my lungs out, and no-one is paying any attention. Although in our celebrity-0bsessed culture, it really ought not surprise me at all. Sigh. (Not that I'm immune to that celebrity obsession...see yesterday's post and one titled "Fanatic" in February of 2007, plus my blogroll which lists the Go Fug Yourself girls, The Superficial, and Hot Gossip on MSN....)

But getting back on topic....I don't get too many comments every day, even though I see that on an average day, I get somewhere between 15-30 hits. So DELURK, people. I wanna know who you are, what brought you here. Leave a comment. You know you wanna.


Sara said...

Actually, a lot of those were probably from yesterday's Google Alerts. *is sheepish* I, er, have one of mine set to send me a daily e-mail with things containing Jensen's name, which is how I found the other post and this one, and I bet a lot of other folks do, too. :)

Your post was really interesting, though! It is difficult to know sometimes where the fangirl line is (especially with an actor like Jensen, who tends to be shy and a bit wary of the public eye), and difficult to balance that with Real Life and having all your friends think you're completely crazy because you keep trying to make them watch the show and insist on maintaining a ridiculous girly crush on a /celebrity/, of all things. I'm a Jared girl, myself. :D

Lucy Arin said...

In'trusting. So, to drive traffic, I need only mention Jensen every day. What a hardship. (LOL)

The thing that I think about when I'm trying to stop being an obsessive fangirl is "What if it were me? How would all that crazy attention make ME feel?" And the answer is that I'd be saying, "You fucking freaks, leave me the hell alone." (haha)

Jared is really cute too, but since he is about, oh, eight or nine years younger than me...I think if I was as obsessed over him that it would be even more creepy than my Jensen obsession is.

Thanks for commenting!