21 March 2007

You call THIS releasing information?

Before I start to rant about the press conference that wasn't, I must first get the obligatory fangirl squeeing out of the way. I haven't written anything specifically about Jensen Ackles for about a week, so it is time. Came across this picture on TWoP and oh. My. God. Wait. Let's look at that again. Freckles! How cute are freckles? And the eyes! ...um. Stopping now. My mother reads this blog sometimes, y'all.

So President Idiot took the stage to 'speak to the 'merican people' the other day, and as I was too busy wallowing in my own angst, I didn't take much notice of it. You can watch the Q&A session on YouTube. Or you can read the transcript here. We're talking about the firing of the US Attorneys, if you missed it. He suggests at one point that people read the e-mails that they released, voluminous pages and pages of stuff that contradicts almost everything the administration has said to date about the scandal. Pretty funny, coming from someone who is barely literate.

In another snippet, he asked for continued patience on the Most Meaningless War Ever (TM) and said that it would interfere with NATIONAL SECURITY if the troops were allowed to come home. Because, y'know, that's the reason for everything these days. Oil prices too high? Well, if they were lower, it would cause problems for our national security. Anything else that's bothering you? Blame it all on the need for hyper-awareness of national security.

The dems, and rightly so, lambasted these pronouncements as soon as they were issued. This administration releases information so grudgingly, so reluctantly, is it any wonder at all that the support for the president has gone right down the tubes? The Clinton Administration's habit of polling, polling, polling, and doing what the polls liked wasn't good either, but somewhere in between there must be a happy medium that allows the gubment to work the way the framers of the constitution intended, a government of, by, and for the people.

My frustration with the constant stonewalling that the Idiot Administration does is really an interesting thing. In this time of everything, all the time, instant access to any type of media that you choose, it is incredible to me that there hasn't been a huge backlash by the general population, and not just liberal nuts like me who think that the administration has the obligation to communicate with the general public on a more consistent basis.

The fact that they don't, that they choose not to, seems to mean that they've got something to hide. Or a lot of things to hide, and not just the fact that the president can't SPEAK ENGLISH. Because we know that already. Maybe the thing is that the powers that be, the men behind the curtain, are afraid that if they stick the idiot in the public eye more frequently, he'll do or say something so stupid that it would cause the whole house of cards to fall. Not that I buy into theories like the Illuminati, or anything like that. No. Really.

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